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6-8 years


" share, share, share "

Beavers are the smallest and youngest branch of FNEL.

They are young children aged between 6 and 8, who meet “at the pond” to experience joy, have fun with their Beaver friends and to learn new things about nature and the forest.

They live in the Beaver Colony and are divided into little groups: the Beaver dams, which are all called after trees.

They live like the characters in the story “Friends from the Forest”. In that story, a human family and a Beaver colony meet and learn to share and have great adventures together in the forest.

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Our activities

Laughing together
Thinking outside the box
Learning new things
Solidarity and Friendship
Scout techniques
Play and fun
Living in the forest


The Beaver Story

Once upon a time there was a big Beaver boy who decided one day that it was time to go out into the big wide world. This young Beaver was called Bibu.
He packed his things and hit the road. At the same time, on the other side of the forest, Jolly, a young Beaver girl thought that the pond had now become too small for all these Beaver sisters and Beaver brothers, and she also set off to find a new home.
The two beavers travelled alone for a long time. Going along one day, Jolly heard something rustle. She quickly hid behind a tree. A funny, young, good-looking Beaver boy was walking down the path, happily moving along. Jolly fearlessly jumped out of her hiding spot and asked the young Beaver’s name. They quickly got along well and decided to continue their journey to find a new pond for a new home together.
After a long search, they found a new home and built a beautiful, big, strong dam. A bit later, small Beavers were born, and the young Beaver family got to know the forest and its inhabitants better. With the help of the Owl Malak and the Squirrel Tictac, they quickly learned everything there was to know about their new home. Every day, they have small adventures and learn many new things about humans, animals, the forest and the world.