FNEL SCOUTS – Politics of the Quality of Entertainment The Charter our Chefs sign:

Chef promise

On my honour and conscience, I promise to fulfil my duty in the spirit of Scout Law and according to the Charter of FNEL to provide a brotherly watch over the boys and girls who have been entrusted to me.

By signing ‘’Respect-it’’ I take it upon me to organise and carry out activities that comply with the International Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Charter of the Service National de la Jeunesse (SNJ – National Youth Service) ‘‘Prévention des risques lors d’activités avec jeunes’’ (Prevention of risks while carrying out activities with young people), the Charter ‘‘Education au développement durable’’ (Sustainable Development Education), the laws, the Charter as well as the rules of FNEL.

I, as a Chef, commit to:

·      Keeping within the SCOUT’s physical, moral and psychological boundaries.

·      Organising activities that rely on trust, respect and fraternalism.

·      Organising an educational programme that will challenge the scout, but still keep an eye on safety.

·      Being a role model for the SCOUT as to living according to values and showing him/her a healthy lifestyle.

·      Being able to assume my responsibilities at all times

·      Having an open and honest exchange with parents of scouts

·      Listening to the SCOUT, being genuinely interested in them

·      Carefully and confidentially handling personal data and social media

·      Teaching the SCOUT to do the same.

You are not only a Scout Chef. It is your job to go beyond “Respect-it” and organise fun activities based upon the principles and values of scouting. Your group and the federal teams are there to support you.

“Respect-it” is a responsibility to be assumed by every adult who participates in a scout activity. I commit to sharing its content with them and to asking them to comply with it.