National Scouting

Scouting is an educational movement, which inspires 40 million young people worldwide. The Learning by doing method is essential.

To get young people to play, experience, plan, and take responsibility in a group, thereby doing their personal best, is our aim.

International Scouting

 International Scouting is a multi-level experience:

·      At camps with international participants(Together),


·      Doing an activity with your group or FNEL

·      Abroad, together with local scouts

·      Through regular contact between a Luxembourgish group and a group from abroad

·      Through the hosting of an international group

 International Scouting means that, we as FNEL form part of a much bigger world organisation: WOSM.

This means:

·      Having a say in what happens at the international level

·      Voting for representatives at the European and world level

·      Setting priorities for what we need to work on in the coming years